How can you easily create a blog website using Blogger for free?

Since for newcomers, I think blogging will be easier for them.  Websites can be created from Blogger without any type of host or domain.

 What is a blogger?

 If you want to create a website, you need to create it through a platform, it can be WordPress, Blogger, Webly etc.  Moreover, you can create a website directly through PHP without any platform.  But since you are new, there is a blogger for you.

 Blogger and a free website builder platform, websites can be easily created from bloggers like WordPress, and Blogger is easier and more fun than WordPress.  Websites can be created from Blogger without a host or domain in just 5 minutes.  Hmmm, friends, this is true Blogger is currently hosted by Google, and so Google provides Blogger users with free hosting, and we give the subdomain to its association for free.  Creating a blogger site is so easy that once a child is taught, he can create a new blogger site.  If you create a website just by signing up, it will become a website.  And if you upload a theme without any hassle of code, the site design will be done.

 How do I create a website with Blogger?

 So let's create a website by following the screenshot and my commands.  Be the first to log in to Blogger.



 Now a page like above will come up, now click on CREATE BLOG.

Then log in to your Gmail account.  Not in any other mail, you can only open with Gmail.


 Once logged in, you will find a page like this, pop up here, your blog title, blog link, and whatever design theme you want to take, click on CREATE BLOG.


 Diameter, website creation, as I said before Blogger is very easy, now you will get a page like above, it is your Blogger site dashboard or control panel.  You can control everything from here.


 Now visit the site you created, see how it goes.

 So it seems that building a website is very easy isn't it?  Hmmm, once you learn, building a website will be as easy as water for you.  But this is not the end, now you have to customize the site, do SEO (SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZE).  Besides, there is a lot more work, I will teach everything one by one.